Studio Tom Photography


Step away from the cell phone camera, and none of your photos will get hurt. Really. It's time to flatter your subject with creative, sharp, carefully lit, well-composed images—all shot by a commercial photographer and processed by an experienced digital tech / Photoshop guru (who happen to be the same person). Now you won't have to worry about losing them when you accidentally drop your cell phone in the toilet. Score.


Whether you're going into a shoot with an art director and a creative strategy, or nothing but your product, I can help you get the imagery you need. We'll sit down and go over everything that the photos need to capture, communicate, or highlight. Once we have a clear shot list I'll schedule the shoot.

Most single-product studio shoots take one to two weeks (from initial meeting to delivered files). Timing and cost are affected by the location, compexity, and duration of the shoot.

I also offer digital post-production, creative touch-up, and photo restoration, with archival-quality prints and enlargements available on request.