Studio Tom

About Tom

There once was a skinny little boy who liked to tinker, and draw pictures. The boy started to notice, however, that the tinkering often seemed to result in injury to himself and/or his house. On the other hand, people started to like and even buy his pictures!

Off to college he went, with a pencil in one hand and a trombone in the other. The boy continued his education in the arts, studying music and graphic design. Then he discovered a less dangerous outlet for the cooped-up left side of his brain—web development.

When college ended the boy put his shiny new skills to work at a studio where he mastered digital post-production, photo restoration, fine art printmaking, and fell in love with photography. A subsequent internship at a luxury branding firm gave him the experience he needed to produce high-end work for his own clients.

When his design internship came to an end, the boy (who had now graduated from skinny to "svelte") launched his business as a full-service design studio. He now finds himself doing the grown-up version of tinkering and drawing pictures—and still enjoys both.


Tom enjoys sports—particularly soccer, running, and ultimate frisbee—and hopes one day to reverse his golf and bowling scores.

Tom sports a spare vertebrae. Really.

His 8th-grade chess team won the state championship.

When he's not working you'll find Tom playing with his kiddos, listening to Ella Fitzgerald, or searching for decent-looking men's pants in size 29x34.

Tom lives in beautiful West Hartford, CT with his lovely wife, son, and daughter.